For many years I denied my true nature as an artist.  After several years in finance and advertising,  I completed a masters in Social Design at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA).  The closer my proximity to art making, the more insatiable my urge to paint grew.  Creativity and design occupied a large part of my free time, but finally I surrendered to overwhelming desire to create by committing to a creative practice of painting everyday.  

My style unfolded naturally as meditative and intuitive.  Transferring my energy through each stroke, I become fully present and allow gestural movement to flow onto the canvas.  Layer upon layer, a narrative unfolds of a personal spiritual quest. Each work mirrors a journey of letting go, transition, and transcending into a new emerging life, building an expansive sense of blooming hope.  I balance tension through bright white and bold colors to develop a juxtaposed organic feeling between temporal and ethereal. 

I welcome you to escape into the mystical, celestial, dream world of my work and create your own narrative.


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